How to talk with a stranger

How to talk with a stranger

How to talk with a stranger on chat rooms and online chat


When you smile the whole world will smile with you. Since in a chat, you may not be able to show your face, emoticons and other such options may help you to convey that you are smiling to the chat partner. When you are approaching a stranger on chat, don’t be nervous. You should be relaxed and make it look natural.

A conversation is a mutual experience

When you are having chat with anyone else it should be a mutual experience. You don’t have to worry about not knowing what to say. Even though you may initiate the chat conversation, you don’t have to carry a throughout the session. You simply start the fire and let it burn naturally.

Show interest

It is very important in any communication to show interest about the other person. However, you should not be too personal and should not try to dig very deep because the other person may not like it. Gentle, not too probing questions show that you are genuinely interested in the other person. People like to talk about themselves and by asking about them you are giving them an opportunity to talk about themselves. It will also help you to get the conversation going. You can ask them about themselves, they are likely going to like you more.

Open the conversation

When you’re starting a chat, you should try to open the conversation. It is very important to start the fire the right way. It is important that you ask open ended questions because that will keep the conversation going. If you ask closed ended questions which has only a yes or no answer, it will not only make the conversation boring but it will also increase the possibility of ending the chat. Open ended questions will help you to get more response from the other party.

Do use humor

Humor makes it easier for people to bond better. If you can make your conversation funny, people will like to talk to you. People always appreciate humor and it will help you to create a stronger relationship with the person you’re talking to. You need to let the humor flow naturally from the conversation. If you try to use jokes that are not relevant to what you are talking about, it may make the conversation and you boring and weird to the other person. If both of you can laugh together on something during the conversation, it will help you to build a sense of intimacy. Such a conversation in a chat room will last longer and will be interesting to both of them and there will be possibility of having a conversation with the same individual in future.


When you are talking to another person in a chat it is not necessary to provide him with all the details of your life. He may not be interested in knowing about how and what you ate in the breakfast. It should be something which is interesting to the other person. So, leave aside those minute details and only share the interesting and important stuff during the chat.